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Deidre DeJear

Voter. Wife. Foodie.  Democracy Defender. 

Democracy can, and will, only work if someone – anyone – is willing to see to it that it not only functions, but functions for a free America.


It’s never been more clear: there’s work to be done.

Everyone deserves a path to life, liberty, and happiness. Everyone deserves a path where hard work counts for something and where our aging can live their lives with dignity. Everyone deserves a path where parents can confidently raise their children in communities that are safe and supported by strong public schools that prepare them to carry the torch and keep it lit.


 I’m standing for liberty and justice for all. 

The kind that shows up in your health, in your education, in your pocketbook, and in your future.


I’m inviting you to not only follow me on this journey, but I’m personally asking you to be a part of it.

Join me!

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